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In Myrkwood
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In Myrkwood

I love woodland scenes. And rangers. While everything in the foreground of this picture is 3-dimensional, the background is a simple painted backdrop, like a painted scene in the theatre or a film's matte backgrond. One of the tricks was to match the background's lighting and keep everything in the foreground visible.

Myrkwood is an old Saxon and/or Viking name for the Black Forest, I believe. Tolkien, Old English expert that he was, borrowed the name for his Middle-Earth.

I made the elf black after reading Womanist Musing's blog on The Unbearable Whiteness of Being, in which she discusses the problems of being a non-white fantasy fan when most heroic images feature whites. So I decided to try and redress the balance a little.

Image credits

V4, Couragous with HMG High Elf Defender textures, Cyclorama/Haunted Dale (an oldie but a goodie), Keysha Hair, Kromekat's Tree Trunk & Ivy, all from DAZ3D.

Diviner's Morphing Yew Longbow freebie - still the best authentic medieval bow I've found.

PDesign's Naomi for V4 (textures only) and DreamlandModel's stump & log from Renderosity.

IDL studio, ground cover and pebbles from Runtime DNA.

Lyne's silver wolf textures from her now-defunct VIP website.