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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus revisited

About three years ago I wrote a post about my love-hate relationship with Dangerous Journeys, the game Gary Gygax designed after leaving TSR. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of playing 12 sessions of a Dangerous Journeys game run by … Continue reading

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Basic Hex and Square Grids

Update: Added one-inch square grids in European and US paper sizes. One of my colleagues in the Gulf Roleplaying Community was looking for some hex grids to print out, so I made these basic ones for European and US paper … Continue reading

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Review: Dave Gross, Lord of Runes (Pathfinder Tales)

Lord of Runes is without question the best piece of tie-in fiction I’ve read. It’s an excellent fantasy novel in its own right. Before I further explore why I think this, let me first address this: if I consider it … Continue reading

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E-Z Dungeon: construction review

I’ve been papercrafting for a week or two And I’ve spent all me money on craft knives and glue… I’ve become increasingly involved with miniature-based roleplaying games, largely down to the amount of time I’ve been spending playing Pathfinder. It … Continue reading

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Review: Realm Works and Hero Lab

After a year of running Pathfinder Society games almost exclusively, I needed to scratch the itch for a longer campaign with a regular group. With several regular PFS players feeling the same, I offered to run the Rise of the … Continue reading

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RIP, Dave Trampier

I learnt through Facebook that former TSR artist Dave “Tramp” Trampier died earlier this week. There’s a very brief obituary here. Tramp’s art was a major part of my AD&D experience. Not only did he have the cover of the … Continue reading

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FASA Star Trek: to boldly go

West of these out to seas colder than the Hebrides I must go Where the fleet of stars is anchored, and the young star-captains glow James Elroy Flecker I’m not so much a games collector as a games hoarder. The … Continue reading

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Medieval charters from Salford Hundred

Stuart Mendelsohn runs a superb blog examining the medieval documents of Salford Hundred in Lancashire – an area he rightly points out is among the least explored in England, at least as far as medieval history is concerned. He’s just uploaded … Continue reading

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My Pathfinder set-up

I’m a rather old-school gamer, more used to descriptive combat, judgement calls and hand-wavery than a strict adherence to the rules. Even when I ran the tactically intense D&D3.5 I kicked it into submission with my gaming style. With Pathfinder, … Continue reading

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Star Trek TOS characters for Hero System

I’ve just updated my Hero System page with the Enterprise bridge crew statted out for Hero System 6th Edition. You can find them here. They’re intended for a minicon where I’m running Trek Hero tomorrow. I’ll also be running the … Continue reading

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