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Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition Kickstarter: Nightwalkers

The Kickstarter campaign for Chivalry & Sorcery 5th Edition is well underway, and I’m proud to be associated with it. It achieved funding in less than 16 hours and, as I write, is on the way to unlocking its second … Continue reading

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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus revisited

About three years ago I wrote a post about my love-hate relationship with Dangerous Journeys, the game Gary Gygax designed after leaving TSR. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of playing 12 sessions of a Dangerous Journeys game run by … Continue reading

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Basic Hex and Square Grids

Update: Added one-inch square grids in European and US paper sizes. One of my colleagues in the Gulf Roleplaying Community was looking for some hex grids to print out, so I made these basic ones for European and US paper … Continue reading

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Review: Dave Gross, Lord of Runes (Pathfinder Tales)

Lord of Runes is without question the best piece of tie-in fiction I’ve read. It’s an excellent fantasy novel in its own right. Before I further explore why I think this, let me first address this: if I consider it … Continue reading

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E-Z Dungeon: construction review

I’ve been papercrafting for a week or two And I’ve spent all me money on craft knives and glue… I’ve become increasingly involved with miniature-based roleplaying games, largely down to the amount of time I’ve been spending playing Pathfinder. It … Continue reading

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Review: Realm Works and Hero Lab

After a year of running Pathfinder Society games almost exclusively, I needed to scratch the itch for a longer campaign with a regular group. With several regular PFS players feeling the same, I offered to run the Rise of the … Continue reading

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RIP, Dave Trampier

I learnt through Facebook that former TSR artist Dave “Tramp” Trampier died earlier this week. There’s a very brief obituary here. Tramp’s art was a major part of my AD&D experience. Not only did he have the cover of the … Continue reading

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FASA Star Trek: to boldly go

West of these out to seas colder than the Hebrides I must go Where the fleet of stars is anchored, and the young star-captains glow James Elroy Flecker I’m not so much a games collector as a games hoarder. The … Continue reading

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Medieval charters from Salford Hundred

Stuart Mendelsohn runs a superb blog examining the medieval documents of Salford Hundred in Lancashire – an area he rightly points out is among the least explored in England, at least as far as medieval history is concerned. He’s just uploaded … Continue reading

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My Pathfinder set-up

I’m a rather old-school gamer, more used to descriptive combat, judgement calls and hand-wavery than a strict adherence to the rules. Even when I ran the tactically intense D&D3.5 I kicked it into submission with my gaming style. With Pathfinder, … Continue reading

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