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Star Trek TOS characters for Hero System

I’ve just updated my Hero System page with the Enterprise bridge crew statted out for Hero System 6th Edition. You can find them here. They’re intended for a minicon where I’m running Trek Hero tomorrow. I’ll also be running the … Continue reading

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Hârn: Back in the saddle

It’s been a long time since I ran a Hârn game, but at last the drought is ended. Hârn is a setting I adore. I named this website after it (which may not be apparent to those who just read … Continue reading

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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus

Note: Since writing this piece I’ve had the opportunity of playing in a Mythus campaign. You can read about those experiences here. Back in 1992 I was on the lookout for a new set of game rules. I’d spent my … Continue reading

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We were munchkins once, and young

Note: some of this was previously published on James Maliszewski’s Grognardia blog, where he called it Memories of the British Old School. I’m allowing myself more time to ramble now; you have been warned. I played my first roleplaying game … Continue reading

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Vancian magic revisited

One of the things that’s bothered me about D&D from its early days was that magicians forget spells when they cast them – the so-called Vancian magic system, named for the late Jack Vance, who developed it for his Dying … Continue reading

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RIP Mick Aston, 1946-2013

Mick Aston died yesterday, June 24, 2013. I never met him, never spoke to or corresponded with him. Those who knew, worked or studied with him will have their own stories. Though I saw some episodes, I was not an … Continue reading

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Review: Robin of Sherwood

 Note: this is a minor reworking of a review I originally published on in August 2003. Robin of Sherwood is, for many people, the definitive modern version of the Robin Hood legend. Moody, atmospheric, superbly written and acted, with … Continue reading

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Chivalry & Sorcery: The Early Years

Back in the days of the Loyal Order of Chivalry & Sorcery mailing list I enjoyed swapping emails – both public and private – with C&S designers Ed Simbalist and Wilf Backhaus and, at the last two Dudley Bug Ball … Continue reading

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Traveller 5 review: second impressions

As I keep reading the new Traveller 5 rules, I am becoming more and more impressed with them. The underlying mechanics – roll under a target number (often Characteristic + Skill) on a number of 6-sided dice representing difficulty – … Continue reading

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Poser Pro 14/Poser 10 pre-orders

So soon? It seems it’s only been a little while since Poser Pro 12 and Poser 9 were out. And I’ve barely started playing with Reality 3! But, yes, it’s that time again. The new generation of Poser looks to … Continue reading

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