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Hârn: Back in the saddle

It’s been a long time since I ran a Hârn game, but at last the drought is ended. Hârn is a setting I adore. I named this website after it (which may not be apparent to those who just read … Continue reading

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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus

Note: Since writing this piece I’ve had the opportunity of playing in a Mythus campaign. You can read about those experiences here. Back in 1992 I was on the lookout for a new set of game rules. I’d spent my … Continue reading

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We were munchkins once, and young

Note: some of this was previously published on James Maliszewski’s Grognardia blog, where he called it Memories of the British Old School. I’m allowing myself more time to ramble now; you have been warned. I played my first roleplaying game … Continue reading

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Vancian magic revisited

One of the things that’s bothered me about D&D from its early days was that magicians forget spells when they cast them – the so-called Vancian magic system, named for the late Jack Vance, who developed it for his Dying … Continue reading

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RIP Mick Aston, 1946-2013

Mick Aston died yesterday, June 24, 2013. I never met him, never spoke to or corresponded with him. Those who knew, worked or studied with him will have their own stories. Though I saw some episodes, I was not an … Continue reading

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Review: Robin of Sherwood

 Note: this is a minor reworking of a review I originally published on in August 2003. Robin of Sherwood is, for many people, the definitive modern version of the Robin Hood legend. Moody, atmospheric, superbly written and acted, with … Continue reading

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Chivalry & Sorcery: The Early Years

Back in the days of the Loyal Order of Chivalry & Sorcery mailing list I enjoyed swapping emails – both public and private – with C&S designers Ed Simbalist and Wilf Backhaus and, at the last two Dudley Bug Ball … Continue reading

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Traveller 5 review: second impressions

As I keep reading the new Traveller 5 rules, I am becoming more and more impressed with them. The underlying mechanics – roll under a target number (often Characteristic + Skill) on a number of 6-sided dice representing difficulty – … Continue reading

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Poser Pro 14/Poser 10 pre-orders

So soon? It seems it’s only been a little while since Poser Pro 12 and Poser 9 were out. And I’ve barely started playing with Reality 3! But, yes, it’s that time again. The new generation of Poser looks to … Continue reading

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Traveller 5 review: corrected character generation

Mistakes I made in the archaeologist character. 1)      I missed a trade classification for Natoko; it’s a pre-rich world, so the archaeologist gets a craftsman skill as well (pop 9 as pre-rich? Maybe that will get errata.) 2)      What I … Continue reading

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