Poser Pro 14/Poser 10 pre-orders

So soon? It seems it’s only been a little while since Poser Pro 12 and Poser 9 were out. And I’ve barely started playing with Reality 3!

But, yes, it’s that time again. The new generation of Poser looks to have some interesting features, including Pixar subdivision, weight-mapped magnets, live previews of cloth sims, bullet physics and (in Pro) the ability to fit any clothing to any figure.

Introductory pricing is available until June 30 – $199 to upgrade your Pro 12 to Pro 14, $119 to upgrade Poser 9 to 10.

Details from Smith-Micro.

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1 Response to Poser Pro 14/Poser 10 pre-orders

  1. dalelaroy says:

    The upgrade from Poser 9 to 10 is $149. The $119 price is from any Pro version to Poser 10.

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