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Vancian magic revisited

One of the things that’s bothered me about D&D from its early days was that magicians forget spells when they cast them – the so-called Vancian magic system, named for the late Jack Vance, who developed it for his Dying … Continue reading

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From the Archives: White Dwarf 28

White Dwarf 28, dated December 1981/January 1982, contains the usual columns supporting D&D/AD&D and Traveller, with news reviews and one general article, The Magic Jar by Andy Slack, on how to convert characters from one system to another. The Magic … Continue reading

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Review: Glasshouse, by Charles Stross

I picked up Glasshouse in my local Borders a couple of days ago (yes, we still have Borders here). It was the only Stross they had, but I was overjoyed to find any — I’ve been on the lookout for … Continue reading

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