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Hida Province map

This is a work in progress – the province-level map for the Chrysanthemum War campaign. I’m drawing this with Campaign Cartographer 3 and Fractal Terrains 2.3, both from Profantasy Software. I took the GTOPO30 data I used for the central … Continue reading

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The Chrysanthemum War: a short campaign idea

After a discussion with my buddy Cameo Mo, I’m working on a short campaign to run during Ramadan, when we hope to persuade some of the card-playing suhoor crowd from the majlis to have a stab at tabletop roleplaying. Now, … Continue reading

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Sengoku-era Honshu

Here’s a work in progress for a game I’m planning to run during Ramadan, a few weeks hence. I’m slowly refining my technique for creating shaded relief maps in Campaign Cartographer 3 . The technique I imported GTOPO30 data into … Continue reading

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