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Review: Dave Gross, Lord of Runes (Pathfinder Tales)

Lord of Runes is without question the best piece of tie-in fiction I’ve read. It’s an excellent fantasy novel in its own right. Before I further explore why I think this, let me first address this: if I consider it … Continue reading

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Review: Realm Works and Hero Lab

After a year of running Pathfinder Society games almost exclusively, I needed to scratch the itch for a longer campaign with a regular group. With several regular PFS players feeling the same, I offered to run the Rise of the … Continue reading

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My Pathfinder set-up

I’m a rather old-school gamer, more used to descriptive combat, judgement calls and hand-wavery than a strict adherence to the rules. Even when I ran the tactically intense D&D3.5 I kicked it into submission with my gaming style. With Pathfinder, … Continue reading

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Vancian magic revisited

One of the things that’s bothered me about D&D from its early days was that magicians forget spells when they cast them – the so-called Vancian magic system, named for the late Jack Vance, who developed it for his Dying … Continue reading

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Pathfinder and Uzbeki party games

Gosh, it’s been 10 months since I wrote anything here. If something as eclectic as this blog ever attracted a regular reader, he or she has long since given up. (Tip to wannabe bloggers who want hits: keep your blog … Continue reading

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