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Treasure Trap – the first British LARP

The last entry mentioned the White Dwarf ad for Treasure Trap, the first commercial British LARP, and perhaps the first British one altogether. It ran its first adventure in April 1982. I never visited it – LARP holds little appeal … Continue reading

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From the Archives: White Dwarf 28

White Dwarf 28, dated December 1981/January 1982, contains the usual columns supporting D&D/AD&D and Traveller, with news reviews and one general article, The Magic Jar by Andy Slack, on how to convert characters from one system to another. The Magic … Continue reading

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From the archives: White Dwarf 27

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying James Maliszewski’s descriptions of his old copies of Ares and Dragon magazines. It’s long been in my mind to do something similar for some of the wide range of British gaming magazines in my collection (and … Continue reading

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