Pulp Vehicle: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang II

Polish motor racing enthusiast Count Louis Zborowski lived in England during the first quarter of the 20th century. Determined to build a race-winning car, he recruited Captain Clive Gallop (later one of the 'Bentley Boys' racers) after the close of the First World War to help him merge an aircraft engine with a state-of-the-art chassis. They built four vehicles, known as Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs (from which Ian Fleming took the name of his flying car). Each was a one-off, and only has Chitty Chitty Bang Bang II survived continuously to this day (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang IV has been restored from wreckage).

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang II, built in 1921, used an 18.8-litre Benz aircraft engine producing 230bhp mounted on a stretched and strengthened Mercedes chassis and a custom tourer body. At its first outing at the Brooklands racing oval, it was timed at 108mph. After Count Louis' death during a crash at the 1924 Italian Grand Prix, the car was sold to a private owner. Chitty II was at home on road or track, and was used to travel in continental Europe and in North Africa as well as in races. According to reports from a modern road drive, it's surprisingly easy to handle, though not suited to twisting roads.

You can download this vehicle in PDF or Hero Designer v3 format.

Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes
5 SIZE 0 25 5 Length 6.35m, Width 3.17m, Height 3.17m, Volume 64m^3 Mass 3.2 ton, OCV +3, KB -5
35 STR 35 0 35 16- HTH Damage 7d6 END [3]
10 DEX 10 0 10 11-
3 SPD 2.0 10 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12
17 BODY 15 2 17
12m Ground Movement 12 0 48m
0m Water Movement 4 -2 0m
0m Leaping 4 -2 0m 33 Total Characteristics Points
Cost Powers END
15 Motorised wheeled vehicle: Ground Movement +36m (48m total), x4 Noncombat (41 Active Points); OAF Bulky (Standard tyres; -1 1/2), Only On Appropriate Terrain (-1/4), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 6 Hours (Fuel is Difficult to obtain; fuel lasts 4 hours; requires aviation fuel; -0)
0 Ground vehicle: Swimming 0m (0m total)
10 Open-top vehicle: Resistant Protection (4 PD/4 ED) (12 Active Points); Limited Coverage Nearly 360 Degrees (Coverage does not protect some occupants; -1/4)0
Total Powers & Skills Cost: 25
Total Cost: 58
58+ Complications
15 Distinctive Features: High-powered racing vehicle (Not Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
Total Complications Points: 15