The Red & White Flag

This song is based on the anthem of the British Labour Party, The Red Flag. Although this song is nowadays more commonly sung the the tune of the German Christmas carol O Tannenbaum (English: Oh, Christmas Tree), it was originally written to be sung to on old Scottish tune, The White Cockade. The difference is profound; while the Tannenbaum version makes you want to pledge allegiance to the cause, the White Cockade is music to storm barricades to. You can hear Billy Bragg and the Scottish folksinger Dick Gaughan do the White Cockade version on Braggy's fourth album, The Internationalé.

Larani's flag is red and white,
A symbol of her strength and might.
And if we live lives true and bold,
Our honour graces every fold.

Then raise the checkered banner high!
Beneath its folds we'll live and die!
Though cowards flinch and heathens sneer,
We'll fly Larani's banner here!

Avarkiel is bright and keen,
Its shining point is rarely seen.
But when the Lady holds it high,
Agrikan foes will quake and cry.


We are the guardians of Law,
Defenders of the weak and poor.
Peoni's gentle, healing hands
Are safe when we protect her lands.


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