Hârnic Links

Kelestia Publications - Home of HârnMaster Gold and modules set on the island of Chelemby and continent of Lythia. Online shop, chat boards.

Columbia Games, Inc - Home of HârnMaster 3 and modules set on the island of Hârn. Online shop.

The HârnForum - where Hârniacs hang out.

Lythia.com - Peter Leitch's site is a repository of many high-quality Hârn fanon articles.

HârnLink - Bill Gant's extensive listing of Hârn-related websites.

Hero System Links

Hero Games Ltd - Publishers of the Hero System. Online shop, chat and very active discussion boards.

Surbrook's Stuff - Among other things, Michael Surbrook maintains the Hero Character Archive, a huge collection of fictional heroes (and villains) in game terms, from Buzz Lightyear to Dr Gregory House. His site also features some rather good cyberpunk fiction from his Kazei 5 setting, available from Hero Games' online shop.

Hero Central - the place to go to find a Hero game online.

KillerShrike.com - huge collections of Hero System guides, genres, rules and templates.

History links

Aedificium - Chris Golden's webpage, subtitled Living History in England 1190AD, contains a good deal of scholarly research and some excellent speculative maps showing how villages and towns in north-west Nottinghamshire may have looked in the late-12th century.

3D links

*Get Free 3D Art Software from DAZ 3D, makers of DAZ Studio, a freeware competitor to Poser (add-ons to really unlock its potential will cost you, but the basic software is amazingly good for a free download), as well as a ton of paid-for content for Studio and Poser. Their Michael and Victoria models are the most popular third-party Poser figures, and are available for free. They also release a good number of 'starter packs' of free content, compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio, and every week they have one new model available for free. If you'd like to dip your toes into home 3D art for minimal cost (or free), Daz should be your first port of call

Smith Micro make Poser, and e-on software make Vue, which are my primary tools for my 3D artwork. Poser's more focussed on people, and Vue on landscapes, but they're compatible, so there's overlap. Both are commercial products. I use the high-end Vue Infinite, but there are cheaper alternatives, including Vue Fantasy which offers the core application and some fantasy-related content for $50.

Renderosity - Huge collection of paid-for 3D content aimed at the home market (primarily Poser/DAZ Studio, but some Vue and other content). Large archive of free products. Very active member galleries and excellent forums where fellow enthusiasts share their tips, techniques and enthusiasm.

Runtime DNA - What RDNA lacks in the quantity of its Poser content, it makes up for in quality. Models, scripts, shaders. Particularly renowned for its scenery and props.

Poserworld - Unlike DAZ, Renderosity and RDNA, Poserworld is a subscription site. Pay a fee (monthly, annual or lifetime) and get access to their huge collection of models and textures at no further cost. They've been running for about 10 years now, and release several new products a week.

Cornucopia 3D - e-on software's online content shop has a large collection of models and shaders for Vue. Terrains, houses, vegetatioin, atmospheres and more.

Game utilities

*Profantasy Software - Makers of Campaign Cartographer 3 and its add-ons, the best set of mapmaking tools available to the home user, in my opinion. PC or PC emulator only.

* Denotes I have an affiliate deal with this commercial site. Details vary from firm to firm, but in general, if you buy something from them after following this link, I get a small amount of in-kind recompense for having 'introduced' you. I only affiliate with firms I use a lot, and I only use them a lot because I really like their products. And, of course, you're under no obligation to buy anything from them.