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Review: Champions Character Creation Cards

I’m a huge fan of the Hero System (a tabletop roleplaying game for those wandering souls who’ve found this blog without knowing much about tabletop RPGs). Hero is not the easiest RPG to get into – the 5th edition billed … Continue reading

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Review: Realm Works and Hero Lab

After a year of running Pathfinder Society games almost exclusively, I needed to scratch the itch for a longer campaign with a regular group. With several regular PFS players feeling the same, I offered to run the Rise of the … Continue reading

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The social contract

Reading an old thread on the Hero Games discussion boards, I came across this post from a contributor with the handle RDU Neil (post trimmed slightly). Game Contract… I call it a social contract… and it is the most integral … Continue reading

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I got cited!

No, not for the blog – at this stage in a young blog’s life, regular readers are as rare as unicorns (maybe I can catch some with a virgin). Nope. It’s for the medieval farming calendar I first wrote back … Continue reading

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