I recently found copies of the first two volumes of James E. Thorold Rogers’ A History of Agriculture and Prices in England (the first two volumes cover 1259-1400).

I found a rather terse description of this journey on page 614 of volume 2, in a section offering miscellaneous exerpts of political and social life. I made the map to help visualise the journey.

The background is built from USGS GTOPO30 data, imported into Profantasy’s Fractal Terrains, coloured using the Terraformer add-on.

I then brought the map into Campaign Cartographer 3 and added the locations, borders and all the other vector stuff.

The highlighted locations are where the travellers stopped for the night; other locations are those mentioned on the journey.

The journey took a total of seven days, because the travellers rested for an extra day in Thirsk.

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