Mistakes I made in the archaeologist character.

1)      I missed a trade classification for Natoko; it’s a pre-rich world, so the archaeologist gets a craftsman skill as well (pop 9 as pre-rich? Maybe that will get errata.)

2)      What I thought were cascade skills are not, quite. For the first two levels of certain skills, you take a subset knowledge, and start accumulating the actual skill from the third skill award, so his Fighter skill becomes Fighter-0 (Slug Thrower-2). If he got another level of Fighter, it would become Fighter-1 (Slug Thrower-2), giving him 3D with slug throwers and 1D with other personal weapons.

3)      Knowledge skills like Archaeology max out at level 6. To be honest, that makes me much more comfortable – Archaeology-12 is pretty insane.

4) It appears you get knowledge skills based on your career and homeworld, one level for each term you spent in the profession or on the world (max 6), reduced by one level for every term away from it, so the character should also have Career: Academia-3 (4 terms – 1 term away), Career: Author-1 and World: Natoko-6

4)      I rolled for risk/reward twice in the third Scholar term. Because I want to keep the award-winning publication, I’ll add a term. He fails the tenure roll in term 3, as that’s before the award-winning publication, but does get 4 new skills and has to make another set of aging rolls against Life Stage 6.He loses another point of Str, and gets one more mustering out roll on the scholar table.

5) Because he has fighter skill, he starts with an appropriate personal weapon. I choose a magnum revolver.

So the corrected character is:

Dr Jonas Indiana, Formerly Associate Professor of Archaeology at the Imperial University of Natoko.

6879CA 7 terms (education 2 terms, scholar 4, entertainer/author 1)

Age 46. Fame 11 (world complex)

Archaeology-6, World: Natoko-6, Planetology-4, Career: Academia-3, Sensors-3, Author-3, Survival-3, Hostile Environment-2, Fighter-1 (Slug Thrower-2), Career: Author-1, Vacc Suit-1, Trading-1, Navigation-1, Bureaucrat-1, Animals-0 (Riding-1) , Craftsman-1, Stealth-1, Athlete-1.

Equipment: 2 Ship Shares (lab ship); Life Insurance, Wafer Jack, Magnum Revolver. Cr 35,000.

Publications: The Effects of Planetology on Archaeology, A Detailed Bibliography of Archaeology, and the award-winning Our Evolving Understanding of Archaeology.


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